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Photo Collections

- Phuket (Thailand)
- Similan Islands (Thailand)
- Phi-Phi Islands (Thailand)
- Orchid Garden (Singapore)
- Melaka (Malaysia)
- Tioman (Malaysia)
- Christmas 2001 (Sigtuna - Sweden)
- Thailand 2002 (revisited)
- Australia 2002
- Hagaparken 2002 (Solna - Sweden)
- Christmas 2002 (Sigtuna, Solna, Stockholm - Sweden)
- Djurgården (Stockholm - Sweden)
- Hagaparken 2003 (Solna - Sweden)
- Brunnsviken 2003 (Solna - Sweden)
- Midsummer 2003 (Sigtuna - Sweden)
- Karlskrona (Sweden)
- Scotland 2003
- Montreal 2003
- Dublin 2003
- Singapore 2003
- Kuala Lumpur 2003
- Christmas 2003 (Sigtuna - Sweden)
- Australia 2004
- Stockholm 2004
- Autumn colours 2004
- China 2005
- Sigtuna 2005
- Butterfly house 2005
- Hagaparken - Early Autumn Mornings
- Japan 2006

Photo Diary

This photo diary is not so active anymore. It's role has been taken over by my new MMS Blog at and lately also my photo blog at

- Stockholm Marathon
- Lily of the valley
- Birdies
- The little things
- Spring is here!
- A walk around Djurgården
- Australia trip 2002
- Sarek - A Wildlife Adventure
- Vacation in Thailand
- Diving in Tioman (Malaysia)
- Bug
- Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
- Happy Jungle Explorers
- Trip to Melaka (Malaysia)
- A pair of Swans
- Traffic
- East Coast Park
- More from the botanic gardens
- Dangerous place
- Polo club
- New pet
- More monkey business
- Resting
- Climbers
- Lots of stairs
- Butterfly
- Monkey business
- Silver leaf
- A swimming turtle
- The botanic gardens
- Skyline
- Mistake
- Olle and Vanessa
- The Battle box 2
- The Battle box
- Weird palm trees
- Raffles hotel 2
- Raffles hotel
- Best friends
- Orchard road at day
- Sunset 2
- Sunset
- Orange groove road
- Orchard street at day
- Orchard street at night 2
- Orchard street at night
- View from hotel balcony 3
- View from hotel balcony 2
- View from hotel balcony

My Photo Collections

I've bought one camera in my life and it is a Canon Digital Ixus. I like it a lot and it's so easy to take pictues with it. I've started to bring it whenever I go somewhere and from this I've created a couple of photo collections as can be seen below.
For more recent photos, please go to my photo blog at

Phuket (Thailand) - After a stay in Singapore I went on vacation to Phuket for some diving and relaxation. The diving in Similan Island is just amazing. Phuket was a little bit too crowded and touristy for me. Phi Phi Island was better though. The boat ride there from Phuket takes an hour or so. Well worth it.
Orchid garden (Singapore) - One of the most beautiful places in Singapore is the botanic gardens. I loved that place and went there probably every Sunday when I worked in Singapore. Especially the orchid garden is beautiful. You can also see little turtles swim in the ponds and black swans. The best thing with it is that there are lots of trees. Apart from Bukit Timah there are far too few trees in Singapore and far too many people. At least if you are used to the country side in Sweden.
Melaka (Malaysia) - Two coworkers and I drove up to Melaka in Malaysia. It's not too far to drive there from Singapore. The roads are long and straight and you get to see plenty of plantations. Melaka is an old trading town with lots of nice old buildings. If you go by boat you get to see plenty of these huge lizards that sleep in the sun. You also get to listen to this really funny guide who never keeps quiet.
Tioman (Malaysia) - I took my PADI open water diving license in Singapore and the exam from that course was a trip to Malaysia and Tioman. That was sort of my first trip to tropical waters (I had stayed in Singapore for some time but you don't go swimming that much there) so I was quite taken by the amazing clear waters and of the amazing life under the surface. After you have been swimming with a turtle you know why you live.
Similan Islands (Thailand) - Diving in Tioman was amazing but Similan Islands was even better. There I saw my first sharks - Leopard Sharks. The best way to stay on Similan is on a boat since it is a protected area and there are no hotels there - thank god. I went there with ScubaCat and I was very happy with their arrangements - great food and good diving.
Phi Phi Island (Thailand) - I escaped Phuket and went to Phi Phi Island instead which is much more placid. You can go diving there as well. The snorkling on Long beach is also great. You can see sharks out at the reef just 50 metres from the beach. They go feeding there in the morning so get up early and swim out in the morning and you might have the fascinating experience of getting a few sharks circling around you.
Christmas 2001 (Sigtuna - Sweden) - Christmas 2001 I spent with my family in Sigtuna in Sweden. There was unusually much snow that year so I had plenty of chances to get childish again. Oskar and I played with the sleigh all day and I think we were both rather tired when Santa came visiting in the night.
Thailand 2002 (revisited) - I went back to Thailand in March 2002. I visited Similan, Phuket and Phi-Phi again but also Raya Island this time. The diving at Similan was amazing as always but what surprised me was the great snorkling outside of Longbeach on Phi-Phi. It's quite common to spot sharks there if you go snorkling early in the morning. It's the time for their feeding. Fortunately they are not big enough to feed on humans.
Australia 2002 - I went to Australia to visit Kirsty who lives in Sydney. We did a little tour through Australia and visited among other things Alice Springs, Ayers Rock (Uluru), Cape Tribulation and the Great Barrier Reef. I also took my first horse back ride which was great fun. Australia is great and I'm looking forward to go there again.
Hagaparken 2002 I live in Solna within walking distance of a beautiful park called Haga or Hagaparken. It has history going back to the 18th century when the Swedish king Gustav III wanted to create his own Verseille. I like walking and running there and during summer I have picknick there occasionally. It's really a beautiful place - an oasis in the big city
Christmas 2002 This year winter was tough and unusually cold. In this christmas collection you can find pictures from Stockholm (Gamla stan - Old Town), Solna (Hagaparken) and from Sigtuna.
Djurgården 2003 January is probably the best winter month in Sweden. The light is just magnificent some days. This year we had beautiful winter days in February as well. This day I decided to take a walk around Djurgården - a beautiful island in central Stockholm
Hagaparken 2003 After a long, cold, dark winter spring is finally here. It's always such a joy to feel the sun in your face again and hear the beautiful bird song. The advantage of a tough winter is that you appreciate spring and summer. Perhaps just as a tough life makes you appreciate the good in life. Or maybe that is just crappy hobby philosophy and lack any connection to reality. Who knows? :-). There is not much colour yet, as evident from the pictures, but it's not long now till the explosion when everything turns green. I can't wait!
Brunnsviken 2003 Close to where I live there is a bay called Brunnsviken. From there you can rent a kayak and paddle out all the way into the archipelago if you like. It's a beautiful way to exercise. This day however, instead of kayaking, I took a walk around the bay together with a friend (you can cross the exit to the archipelago on a bridge at a place called Ålkistan) and as always I brought my camera (despite the fact that the light was not the best for photography that day). It's not a long walk, we did it under three hours including a stop for lunch, but it's a beautiful walk.
Midsummer 2003 Midsummer 2003 was a very rainy midsummer celebration but that's how it should be really. We love the Swedish summer anyway and we love our midsummer celebrations. It's all about the return of summer and the return of the light and light we have plenty of this time of year (it never gets dark).
Karlskrona Before going to Scotland I visited Karlskrona - a beautiful city in the south of Sweden
Scotland 2003 Together with two friends from work I went on vacation to Scotland this year and visited Glasgow, Edinburgh, Pitlochry, Inverness, Isle of Skye and Oban before coming back to Glasgow again.
Montreal 2003 I went to Montreal to work and had the opportunity to stay there for a week. Weather was extremely warm and moist and I didn't really understand the city.
Dublin 2003 Another job trip. This time to Dublin, Ireland and only for one night. I still got the chance to try the local Guinness though.
Singapore 2003 I returned to Singapore in September, 2003. Another pleasent stay in the lovely city that offers so much. I was there to work but I had the chance to enjoy the nights and one weekend at least. There are also photos here from Tioman, Malaysia which I went to on the weekend to go diving. It's not far away from Singapore. Just a four hour drive and a one hour boat ride or so.
Kuala Lumpur 2003 I went to Kuala Lumpur to give a speech for work. It was my first trip to KL and it was an amazing city. So many nice buildings - such interesting mix between muslim culture, modern western culture but also old western, or rather brittish colonisation culture. Food wise it's a paradise. You can find so many nice dishes in this town. One of my favourites is of course the Malaysian Satay - so nice!
Christmas 2003 I spent christmas with my family in Sigtuna. We had lots of snow this year so it was very much as you like christmas to be
Australia 2004 I had the pleasure of staying a whole month in Australia in January this year. Lots of sun, wine, beer, good food and memories.
Stockholm 2004 I have recently bought a bike so this day I took a ride through the most beautiful town in the world - Stockholm. Spring, and soon summer, is here and it is just amazing with all the flowers and everything. It feels good to be alive.
Autumn 2004 A walk through the park admiring the colours of the coming autumn. Many more than you can count
China 2005 Work has taken me to China and I will be there for at least three months. The main location is Shanghai but I have many chances to go elsewhere also, such as to Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Xian. It is possible that I will also go to Tibet...we'll see. These images are updated automatically so come back if you want to see more images later
Sigtuna 2005 Having just arrived from my four month trip to China, it was very nice to go back to my home town to meet my family and enjoy the beauty of Sigtuna and its surroundings
Fjärilshuset in Haga 2004 A visit to Fjärilshuset (Butterfly house) in Haga, Solna.
Hagaparken - Early Autumn Mornings I conquered my sleepiness a few early autumn mornings and went down to my favourite Stockholm park to take some photos
Japan A work trip to Tokyo, Japan for a month.