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Fun Stuff

Walking Phone - Howto make your T68 walk
Digital Haikus - A geeky way to write your name
Nisse - A one man chatroom
Digital Native Dance - Home made music

Fun stuff

The definition of what fun is is rather individual. Here I'll try to collect some small things that I like and that don't fit anywhere else on this site.

Account Balancing

This is a free, non-commercial online application to do account balancing amongst friends who owes eachother money after, say, a group trip. It is always a mess how to work out who owes what to whom after a trip with many transactions in various group arrangements. Hopefully this application can help you and your friends to calculate this in an easy way, either when you are back from the trip or as you go along.

How it works: You add all members of the group and all the expenses that the members have done together with the persons that took part in consuming the various expenses. The program will then calculate each and everyone's debt as well as suggest a transaction plan to zero out all debts. You will then be able to save the data and retrieve a URL to pass along to your friends.

Walking Phone

At work during a coffee break we discovered that if you place your T68 standing up on a smooth surface with the vibrator enabled, it will move forward or backwards if someone calls you. From this we came up with the idea of making a special ring tone that made it move, since the IMelody format allows you to turn the vibrator on and off on the phone. The idea was that if you find the right frequency you could control its move somehow. Peter later perfected the idea and actually wrote the IMelody after trying out different frequencies. He also added some cool beeping and blinking of the LED. Never has there been a better use of a ring tone and never before has a phone walked by itself (...I guess). We are not sure if Ericsson will make their future phones "walkable" so we leave no guarantee that it works if you have a newer model :-)

The easiest way to transfer the IMelody to your phone (if you don't want to type it in by hand) is probably to email it to you as an MMS since the T68 has MMS support. If you contact your operator you can find out how to do this (the address is probably something like +<MSISDN>@operator.domain). Just attach it in an email and send it to your phone. Once you get the MMS to your phone you just need to store the ringtone. But it is unfortunately likely that your operator has not enabled this feature due to fear of spam. Then you have the options to either transfer it over Bluetooth(tm), infrared or over serial cable from a PC or laptop.

Digital Haiku

People are very innovative when it comes to creating signatures in their e-mail. On Slashdot I found a nice little code snippet in a signature and this inspired me to start this small collection.

Talk to Nisse

Artificial Intelligence has always fascinated me. Some time ago I wrote this Java chatroom kind-of-thing where you can talk to this guy called Nisse. It is a program very much inspired by the classic Eliza program. Nisse sure is Artificial enough. I don't know about the Intelligence part though. The source code can be downloaded in the Free software section.

Digital Native Dance

There once was a synthesizer (Roland D-10) which had a cool sound named Digital Native Dance. Two class mates (Erik and Jonas Nyfeldt) and I started to play with this sound and came up with this tune which we performed on a school concert back in 1991. I play the drum machine during the first half of the song and then the soprano saxophone and piano in the second half of it.