Account balancing/Debt settling

This is a free, non-commercial online application to do account balancing amongst friends who owes eachother money after, say, a group trip. It is always a mess how to work out who owes what to whom after a trip with many transactions in various group arrangements. Hopefully this application can help you and your friends to calculate this in an easy way, either when you are back from the trip or as you go along.

How it works: You add all members of the group and all the expenses that the members have done together with the persons that took part in consuming the various expenses. The program will then calculate each and everyone's debt as well as suggest a transaction plan to zero out all debts. You will then be able to save the data and retrieve a URL to pass along to your friends.

Disclaimer: The author and administrator of the application does not take any responsibility of the application's correctness. Use it at your own risk and, to be sure, double-check its calculations by looking into the generated table afterwards.

Step one - add members

Add member

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    Step two - add expenses
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    Step three - review, save and send
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    How to zero out all debts

    Note: This is a naive solution that tries to minimize the number of transactions. There may be smarter ways to solve this depending on your particular constraints (such as if you try to minimize the total amount transferred or number of transactions), especially if members are willing to cancel debts below a certain threshold.

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