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Scotland 2003    July 1 - July 10

Together with two friends from work I went on vacation to Scotland this year. We flew to Scotland with Ryan Air and went on a jump-on-jump-off trip with MacBackpackers and visited Glasgow, Edinburgh, Pitlochry, Inverness, Isle of Skye and Oban before coming back to Glasgow again. I highly recommend MacBackpackers to everyone. It's a cheap and simple way of getting around and the staff are all world class (if they wouldn't be driving buses around Scotland they would all make perfect stand-up comedy shows I think). It's also a great way to meet people from all over the world. It came somewhat of a surprise to me (Struth man!) that the majority of the tourists you meet up there in the Scottish highlands are from Australia. For some reason it seems to be popular for them to track down the roots of their ancestors...or something.

Glasgow 1 July
The plane landed in Glasgow but all we did there was basically to jump on the train towards Edinburgh so we did not stay long.

Edinburgh 1 July
Edinburgh is a lovely old town with lots of nice old buildings. And as any Scottish town that claims to be something it has a castle of course. In some ways it reminded me of the old town in Stockholm. It was a pity it rained all day here.

Edinburgh - Pitlochry 2 July
Then we started our jump-on-jump-off-tour with the first leg between Edinburgh to Pitlochry. On the way to Pitlochry we stopped that the beautiful Hermitage were the photos below were taken.

Pitlochry 2-3 July
We jumped off the bus in Pitlochry which is on the border to the highlands. It's a cute little village with two whisky destilleries where we went on a guided tour to the smallest destillery in Scotland - The Edradour. It's a great whisky I must say so it was well worth a stop. The rest of the time spent in Pitlochry was spent walking around along the nice scenic walks around the town. Beautiful!

Pitlochry - Inverness 3 July
Then we jumped on the bus again to go to Inverness. On the way there we stopped at a place called Soldiers Leap - known for the fact that an english soldier chased by highlanders with broadswords jumped the 5 meters over the water and escaped. The pass of Killiecrankie, where Soldier's leap is located was the place of the start of the rebellion against the English king - the Jackobite rising. The scotts are extremely proud of their history and they are proud of their independence.

We also visited the clava cairns which are 6000 year old burial chambers and we of course took a stop at Loch Ness to say hello to Nessie. The day ended at Blackfrier's Inn in Inverness. They serve great battered haddock I must say.

Inverness 4-5 July
Inverness is a great town. Since the weather was nice we decided to rent bikes and travel around that way. We followed the Caledonian Canal which is a canal that connects the four big "lochs" in Scotland.

Inverness - Isle of Skye 6 July
On the way towards Isle Of Skye we stopped at Rogie falls and Loch Carron.

Isle of Skye 6-8 July
Isle of Skye is probably one of the most beautiful places in Scotland - the land of the fairies. Unfortunately the weather was not that great when we were there but despite that it was amazingly beautiful. We took a one day tour on the island which started with the compulsory blessing by the fairies (everyone dipped there heads into a waterfall). We also visited Fairy Glen where you, if the fairies like you, can make your wish come true. My wish hasn't come true yet but I hope it will.

On Isle Of Skye we also learnt a song about a chap called Donald. I also played football (I will not use the word soccer ever again - the name of the game is football as the Scotts say it) with the locals when I was there. A crazy game I must say. They are sore losers up there :-) (especially if you say the bad word "celtic" too many times)

Isle of Skye - Oban 8 July
On the trip from Isle of Skye to Oban we stopped at the beautiful Eilean Donan Castle. Also passed through glens - Glen Garry and Glen Coe. Despite being a beautiful place Glen Coe is known for being the place of a horrible massacre in 1691 where troops led by a Campbell slaughtered some 38 of the MacDonalds clan. The Campbells have since then been mistrusted as traitors and the name is still today not highly regarded. In some pubs you are not welcome if you are a Campbell.

We also spotted a bunch of hairy cows (Highland cattle) on this trip. Another thing to remember is the castle from the last scene of Monty Python's The Holy Grail.

Oban 8-9 July
Oban is a town by the sea. Outside Oban there are many nice islands such as Islay for instance where many nice whisky bottles have been made (e.g. my personal favourite - Ardbeg), Staffa island (which has a small population of cute puffin birds and amazing cave formations) and also Iona which is a little vacation paradise. I took a boat ride around the islands, tried to take pictures of the puffins but they are elusive little buggers I must say. As soon as they see a camera they vanish. Perhaps I should have talked to their agent first or something.

Oban-Glasgow 9 July
On the way to Glasgow we stopped for some hairy cow (coo as it is pronounced in Scotland) safari and also stopped at castle Doune (which is the castle used in all scenes in Python's The Holy Grail except in the last scene)

Glasgow 10 July
Back in Glasgow again. Did not have much time this time either because of an early flight so I will have to come back to Glasgow some day I think.

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