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Australia 2004    December 28-January 24

Another trip to the beautiful country of Australia. This time the trip went to Adelaide and Sydney. Weather was just amazing the whole month that I was there and I had lots of chances to go boogie boarding. I also had lots of chances of trying out the local wine and I bought a nice bottle that I will keep for ten years before drinking.

Victor Harbor

Victor harbor is a beautiful little paradise on the coast outside Adelaide. Beautiful beaches where you can go boogie boarding, swimming or simply watch the choo-choo train. I celebrated New Years Eve there which was quite different from what I am used to, e.g. 40 degrees warmer than I am used to.

It is also close to beautiful beaches such as Aldinga or the large wine district McLaren Vale where you can try out some great wine.


Adelaide is a big town with a small town feeling. Quite charming with lots of cute houses. It also has a beautiful botanic garden...and of course, in the mountains above the city there are some good wineries such as Petaluma for instance.

My second visit to Sydney - this time in summer and I must say that Sydney was surprisingly hot and humid. Not as humid as Singapore but much more so than Adelaide.

You can take lots of ferry rides from Sydney, one is to Manly where you can do this walk between Manly and the Spit bridge. Quite scenic as you can see in the pictures below
More Sydney pictures
Photos are from Hyde park, Darling Harbor, Sydney Aquarium, Chinese Gardens, Elizabeth Bay House and Botanic Garden where you can see the big bats sitting in the trees.
Blue Mountains
Together with my friends Olle and Vannessa I went to Blue mountains. Among other things we visited the Glowworm tunnels outside Lithgow (an old train tunnel with glowing worms inside - like stars!), Katoomba and Echo Point (a spectacular view).
More from Sydney
Photos from the Northern Beaches, from the openair cinema, from the walk between Bondi beach and Clovely, from ferry ride to Pyrmount Bay (from where you can walk to the fish market) and finally some more pictures from the botanic garden - I like botanic gardens.

(click on the images to enlarge them)